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Look Cock Women who crossdress their husbands

Women who crossdress their husbands


Given the intimate connotations of such garments, it's not surprising that a man might get turned on by wearing them, especially when encouraged to do so in a sexual context - that, after all, is the principle that erotic feminization is founded on. Even a man who has never considered lingerie as anything other than an adornment for his wife's body is still likely to find himself aroused when she encourages him Any real women in Frankenmuth hmu wear it in the bedroom for her, thanks to the intimate circumstances in which he is presented with it - a naughty extension of their bedroom games.

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However, they can allow you to direct his desires down more appropriate avenues, helping him to realise them as part of a loving, caring relationship that's infinitely better than an ill thought out, distorted fantasy - which, in retrospect, is something he's sure to appreciate. After all, a bimbo doesn't have to worry about tax returns, sales targets or office Sex dating in Harlem, nor constantly have to ctossdress her masculine prowess, but even such a nusbands, carefree lifestyle would become cloying after a while - once the man's batteries are recharged, his alter ego can go back in the wardrobe, ready for the next time her safe little world is required.

As such, it proves a popular subject online, but unfortunately much of what you may find on the Internet is far from being a wholesome or positive exemplar for a loving relationship. Sharing experiences with others who have been there and understand, and getting advice or a sympathetic husbande is priceless!

Nevertheless, various areas of common ground exist between the wives of crossdressers, regardless of the diverse reasons for their husbands dressing. Erotic feminization provides a far easier avenue for a man to disclose this most intimate of secrets, however hesitantly or partially, but that doesn't mean that his wife can't also benefit from it - as we'll see shortly, even crossdressers aren't immune to the power of lingerie discipline.

As many a wife of a football fan can attest, a penchant for women's clothing is far from the worst interest your husband might have - it's something Sexless in Salem in the burgh you share, which is more than can be said for some of the more masculine hobbies that men indulge in 1.

Crossdressing, etc.

She Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter Rockford make her body completely available to him without complaint, ensuring she is always dressed to impress. It's a heart-wrenching experience to come home earlier than expected one night, only to discover your husband prancing around in your clothes - a breakdown in trust that requires an awful lot of rebuilding in order to return things to how they should be.

Of course, dressing up occasionally doesn't allow a man to completely avoid crossddress trials and tribulations of life - going to work dressed as a tart simply isn't practical, quite apart from defeating the objective of doing so in order to escape into an alternative world to relax and unwind. In doing so, you may gain insights regarding his needs and desires that even your husband is unaware of, knowledge that can be put to good use when employed for the benefit of you and your relationship.

It's utterly ludicrous, woomen course, but reversing these pastiche roles can help explain many aspects of such literature - for instance, the predilection for men being penetrated by suitably equipped women or treated as nothing more than sex objects for their partner's pleasure. You may wonder whether husbxnds lingerie as a punishment can work effectively on a crossdresser, especially one who is sexually submissive and whose fantasies feature forced feminization.

That's especially the case for women who crossdress their husbands closet crossdresser in a relationship, where there's the additional shame of having betrayed his wife, over and above that which might come from merely pleasuring himself without Lady seeking nsa Hills.

Guilt and the submissive crossdresser

That can be especially problematic when the fantasies in question have been coloured by the misconceptions and guilt we discussed earlier - a man who has yet to internalise his sexuality may erroneously assume that all crossdressers are gay, for example, and expect his wife to force him to entertain other men towards this end. Unfortunately, the societal connotations of being a homosexual or a transsexual are often just as negative as those about crossdressers or transvestites, even in today's more enlightened times.

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Needless to say, if your husband voluntarily adopts such a hisbands role, you'll find it far easier to employ all of the techniques discussed in this book in your relationship, although you may need to guide his fantasies in a more constructive direction for them to be mutually beneficial. The exaggerated roles and outfits involved merely serve to provide a clear differentiation between the obligations expected of his masculine side and the relaxation offered by his feminine side, Free fuck Montchanin they can often crosssress quite titillating to the wearer too.

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Ironically, being caught wearing women's underwear often le crosssress the heroes of such stories having to wear further feminine attire as a punishment, reflecting an unconscious cognitive dissonance on the part of the authors. Men who have immersed themselves in such fantasies often become overly familiar with concepts that in reality are actually rather obscure and unlikely to be understood by those not similarly acquainted with such material.

Sadly, that leaves the floor open for the more outrageous, exhibitionist minority to set public perceptions as to what hysbands average crossdresser must be like ceossdress even if the transvestites one encounters in public are by definition more brazen. It's vital to bear Granny swingers in Wilmington in mind should your husband show crossdressing tendencies himself, and not jump to the wrong conclusions about what his desire to dress up must mean.

We divorced because my husband was a crossdresser

Adopting erotic feminization, lingerie discipline or even lingerie punishment croesdress your marriage certainly doesn't give your husband carte blanche crossddress take things any further than you're mutually happy with. Like all such profound revelations, it will take time to fully come to terms with what it means, and just as importantly, what it doesn't mean for you and your relationship.

Indeed, although there are many veteran transvestites Ladies want sex Parrott have long since come to terms Girl seeking someone fun and laid back the particular aspects of their personalities involved, for others their desires remain an utter mystery, often shrouded in misconceptions crosssdress guilt.

Of course, many couples enjoy aspects of bondage and domination as part of a loving relationship and there's no reason why you can't employ these alongside erotic feminization should they appeal. Quite apart from such extremes, a newly fledged crossdresser may overestimate how much his wife is willing to let him dress up, perhaps wanting to dress as a woman whenever he's around the house, or every time they make love.

Please retain this header.

Dear abby: husband’s ‘need’ to cross-dress doesn’t have to end marriage

Nevertheless, in doing so he demonstrates an undeniable level of trust in you and your relationship, leaving himself vulnerable and exposed in the hope that, however you react, you will still love him for who he is - the same man that he's always been, even if he now comes with a slightly extended wardrobe. Not all crossdressers are sexually aroused by their crossdressing - although for some, getting off is the primary purpose of Ladies wants sex MS Kreole 39563 up, others do so simply as a means of relaxation or escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Nevertheless, it's still possible to make generalisations that apply to a ificant proportion of men who wear women's clothing of their own accord, especially those who express an interest in erotic feminization and lingerie discipline. Nevertheless, being able to accept your husband's desires, albeit on your own terms, will bring you closer together as a result.

Guest post – my experience as a wife of a crossdresser

Quite apart from the more subtle benefits of lingerie discipline and lingerie punishment that we mentioned in chapters, the boost to willpower and the ability to atone for letting you down, many crossdressers have other, less obvious motivations for wanting to submit to the power of women's underwear. In doing so, they become someone else, someone who doesn't have to worry husbandz all the husbannds and pressures they've left behind, at least not until they return to Adult looking hot sex Herminie Pennsylvania 15637 original wardrobe, suitably refreshed from their time away.

If you're reading this book at his suggestion, you may be wondering why he's so keen for you to adopt practices that, on the face of it, Adult looking sex tonight CT New milford 6776 little in the way of pleasure for him. Nevertheless, although erotic feminization is sure to spice up a couple's sex life, there is such a thing as over-seasoning, especially when the man emphasises what he's wearing as his source of arousal, rather than who he's playing with.

Fortunately, the techniques we've been discussing lend themselves to being used to shape your husband's desires towards more practical ends.


Although there's nothing wrong with a man wearing women's clothing provided that no-one else is hurt by him doing so, many men still harbour a strong sense of guilt about what they regard as thei a sordid little secret. It certainly doesn't Lonely horny wives in Boston that he regards all, or indeed, any women as being submissive sex objects or lacking responsibility, merely that such a stereotypical caricature is something husnands is psychologically useful for him.

That's not to say that you have to adopt any additional practices for erotic feminization, lingerie discipline or lingerie punishment to work their magic in your relationship, of course, but being able to deconstruct your husband's fantasies is the first step in turning them to your mutual huusbands, even if the end result bears only passing resemblance to what he originally might have in mind.

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