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His two-year term started January Simons said his first year was a learning curve, facing challenges like an overturn in city council members to dealing with a major snowstorm that hit Douglas County in February. He said he will be graduating from Umpqua Community College tex chat the spring and he is planning to attend the University of Oregon in the fall to study business administration. Yoncalla mayor, now 19, looks to the future. Posted: Jan 9, PM.


On November 2,the citizens of Yoncalla, Oregon, got a big surprise as the ballots were tallied in their local election. All the incumbent men on the city council had been voted out. Yoncalla, a small town of residents about 40 miles south of Eugene, had voted in an entirely female city council. Newspapers flocked to the story. Nettie Hannan displaced free sex chat room australia own husband, the local butcher, from the council.

The story of the women spread: They had held secret meetings, in which they voiced frustration with the current administration. Upset by broken sidewalk planks and misaligned outhouses, they had hatched a plan to run for office themselves. And, because they were elected just two manhunt chat rooms after women in the United States received the right to vote, their new administration made headlines all the way to the East Coast.

That their husbands, brothers, and sons were kept in the dark may be accepted as proving the falsity of that moss-grown libel that a woman can not keep a secret. But there were two real problems with the story people told about the new council cheap nashville davidson adult chat Yoncalla. And second: The story suffered from cute simplicity. Each woman wore a high-collared, long-sleeved frontier dress, and Burt sat in the middle. In one image, the women stare at the camera, their lips zipped in straight lines.

The state reno chat on the issue six times, and in —eight years before Congress ratified the 19th Amendment—Oregon residents extended the right to vote to women. As a result, the state overflowed with feminist firsts.

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InFree 30 min trial chat line B. And the same year the Yoncalla women ran for office, Oregonian physician Esther Pohl Lovejoy stepped out as the first woman to run for U. In addition to these pioneers, it also helps to know two women who live in the town today: Doris Means, an year-old former school librarian and a founder of the Yoncalla Historical Society, and Shannon Applegate, an author who lives in one of the oldest houses in Oregon.

Not in any way passive. Not about ready to sit down and take it on the dog sex chat hilo1 hawaii. Born inBurt proved a sharp student.

She graduated from Pacific University, became a teacher, and, at age 26 average today, ancient thenmarried her second cousin, Henry Burt. Means told me she remembers Lasswell fondly. InYoncalla was young and prosperous. Despite the growth and progress, Burt, Lasswell, and the study club noted problems—and not just a few broken sidewalk planks. Street lighting was spotty, which they perceived as a danger. Automobiles hurtled through town at dizzying speeds—which was more than just a nuisance.

Cars were still a new technology, and they represented a vivid fear.

And then, there was the drinking. But Means and Applegate told me they know exactly what Burt meant.

They point to an incident described in Yoncalla Yesterdaya series of first-person s from old-timers collected by the Yoncalla Historical Society in Rather than punishing him, the city council just laughed. But this part of the story is largely absent in the puff-piece coverage the Yoncalla women received at the time. The press also notably got a few basic facts wrong.

Burkholder as the outgoing mayor—and show that Jess Lasswell acted as treasurer while the women were in office, a detail that suggests some amount of support from at least one supposedly shocked chat make friends free online. Two others hinted that the men were curious to see what the women would do after hearing their complaints. But more importantly, the women also cracked down on alcohol. In Januarya local moonshiner was arrested. The lady official was in no just need to talk please for jesting.

What does the yoncalla playscape provide for children in douglas county?

The whole city watched as Old Pete was tried before the all-women council. Still, chat with indian received a sentence of six months in county jail. Applegate pointed out the detail about the bet. This took courage. The mayoral seat passed to R. McKaig, and two townsmen took council seats alongside Nettie Hannan and Edith Thompson, who were serving four-year terms. Today, Yoncalla—like its famous prunes and apples—has dried in the sun.

In the s, a freeway bypassed the town, and its main houston missouri hot chat line have grown quieter since. Meanwhile, the women of the city council have faded from local lore.

'we can’t do much worse than the men'

They are specters only visible in the photo hanging at the Douglas County Museum. Still, the Petticoat Council may have had a subliminal effect: The town has had three more female mayors since the election—most recently Joyce Evarts, who served for nearly a decade, from to In a survey of U. Even Clinton fits the model: A video shown at the Democratic National Convention highlighted the fact that Clinton entered politics after a formative experience interviewing hi chat children who were denied schooling.

But they received national attention because their story tapped into a fear that women would have the electoral muscle to overrun political offices. That fear, it turned out, has been mostly benton ridge sex chat free. Could this be at least in part gender-related? Is a narrative of duplicitous women—like those sneaks in Yoncalla—easier to understand than a narrative of women who simply care about the state of things and want to enact change?

Now, a female presidential candidate finally stands on web chat adult ultimate political stage. But she is still monitored from the same strange vantage point that the Yoncalla women were nearly years ago: What is she up to?

And will she be a horrible example or a beacon light?

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