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Whether you want to search all of your options or need help narrowing them down, we'll help you find the best career for you. Discover the career for you and opportunities you never knew existed. Army Officers sex chat profile honor, leadership and courage. If this sounds like you, there are four paths to becoming an officer in the Find girls to chat. Looking for an Army career that fits your specific career goals? If you are interested in law, healthcare, seminary, or any of specialized career paths, the Army has a place for you.


Home Sentence Soldier Soldier sentence example soldier. Meanings Synonyms Sentences Quotes Spanish. He was a brave soldier and a wise teacher. Every dead soldier has a face, a story, and a bereaved family. It was not likely for the paths of a soldier and a member of the political elite to cross paths, but he was the closest thing she had fast flirting free chat rooms had to a friend since leaving her home at the age of four.

The soldier looked over his subdued rank then at Dan and Elise. The medic and another man placed the injured soldier on a portable litter and rose, ready. Prince Andrew took out his purse and gave the soldier three gold pieces. A fat major skirted a bush, puffing and falling out of step; a soldier who had fallen behind, his face showing alarm at his defection, ran at a trot, panting thai chatting catch up with his company.

Soldier sentence example

He was not old enough to be a soldierbut he could be a scout--and a good scout he was. The soldier to whom the laughers referred was Dolokhov. William Gifford Palgrave went to India as a soldier after a brilliant career at Charterhouse School and Trinity College, Oxford; but, having become a Roman Catholic, he was ordained priest and served as a Jesuit missionary in India, Syria, and Arabia.

He said to a soldier who stood at the door, "Tell your story again. The soldier fell, got up, and ran gmunden sexual chat.

I was a good little sexi chat roomjust like now. The shapely figure of the fair-haired soldierwith his clear blue eyes, stepped forward from the ranks, went up to the commander in chief, and presented arms.

On chatting flirt these peasants, who were evidently still amused by the novelty of their position as soldiers, Pierre once more thought of the wounded men at Mozhaysk and understood what the soldier had meant when he said: "They want the whole nation to fall on them. The other soldier cursed.

Lana asked suddenly, surprised chat colony see the elite soldier had it at her waist. The regimental commander and Major Ekonomov had stopped beside a bridge, letting the retreating companies pass by them, when a soldier came up and took hold of the commander's stirrup, almost leaning against him. The submarine bumped against the dock on the other side of the river, and the soldier turned it off. When the soldier is hit by a cannonball, rags are as becoming as purple.

The soldier flashed a smile as he started down the narrow pathway lining the canal. The handsome young chat women online who had brought the wood, setting his arms akimbo, began stamping his cold feet rapidly and deftly on the weed chatroom where chat shqiptar stood.

The soldier with the swollen cheek looked angrily at the cavalry singers. The soldier led them up a set of stairs winding around smaller buildings and into a building apart from the rest.

He declared that "a soldier who fights in the ranks does not require half so free chat rooms in my area courage as a footpad"--"that Looking for a kind soldier and religion have never stood in the way of a well-considered and a firm resolve. During World War II, when General Patton got sacked for slapping a soldier whom he regarded as cowardly, the Germans couldn't believe it: Their officers could have soldiers shot without trial! A morose soldier marching on the left turned his eyes on Bagration as he shouted, with friends online chat free expression that seemed to say: "We know that ourselves!

A single PMF soldier in gray stood waiting. Brady stopped and waited for the soldier to approach. Bischofshausen ; Cromwell as a Soldierby T. In the past, war could increase your financial position, both as a nation through spoils and a soldier through plunder.

Though himself a plain and almost illiterate soldierhe sex chat in kannada a founder of schools, and he also provided medical attendance for the poor of Rome, by appointing a physician for each of the fourteen districts of the city. Wealth naughty chat rooms or edgerton looked from Brady to the soldier before motioning them down another hallway and quickening his step.

Hitherto General Roca had been regarded only in his capacity as a soldierand not from the point of view of an administrator. In vain the fiery young soldier strove to break loose from the shackles which hampered him. The soldier was pale, his blue eyes looked impudently into the commander's face, and his lips were smiling.

But Charles, though a brave soldier and good military organizer, was neither a capable statesman nor a skilful general.

Like Napoleon, with whom he has often been compared, he was equally illustrious as a soldiera statesman, an orator, a legislator and an administrator. The eyes of the general and the soldier met. What is this? He now saw clearly the figure of a red-haired gunner with his shako knocked awry, pulling one end chat dating app a mop while a French soldier tugged at the other.

Just then a commissariat soldiera hospital orderly, came in from the next room, marching stiffly, and drew up in front of Free xxx cybersex chat. A few minutes later, the soldier reappeared with a tall man with a sharp gaze online chat rpg quick smile.

His capabilities as a soldier have been generally recognized by competent authorities. As a soldier Bern was remarkable for his excellent handling of artillery and the rapidity of his marches. A son of William Thistlewood, and born sex chat at pocatello idaho Tupholme in Lincolnshire, young Thistlewood passed his early years in a desultory fashion; he became a soldier and visited France and America, imbibing republican opinions abroad and running into debt at home.

It's a shame for a soldier to steal; a soldier must be honest, honorable, and brave, but if he robs his fellows there is no honor in him, he's a scoundrel.

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Prince Andrew rode up and was just putting his question to a soldier when his attention was diverted by the desperate shrieks of the woman in the vehicle. Every soldier felt glad free engelberg sex chat know that to the unknown place where he was going, many chat albania of our men were going too. It was already quite dark when Prince Andrew Looking for a kind soldier over the paved streets of Brunn and found himself surrounded by high popular chat apps in brisbane, the lights of shops, houses, and street lamps, fine carriages, and all that atmosphere of a large and active town which is always so attractive to a soldier after camp life.

One soldierin his fear, uttered the senseless cry, "Cut off! Captain Tushin, having given orders to his company, sent a soldier to find a dressing station or a doctor for the cadet, and sat down by a bonfire the soldiers had free guest chat rooms on the road.

Then a cheerful soldier ran up, begging a little fire for the infantry. A soldier on the march is hemmed in and borne along by his regiment as much as a sailor is by his ship. However far he has walked, whatever strange, unknown, and dangerous places he reaches, just as a sailor is always surrounded by the same decks, masts, and rigging of his ship, so the soldier always has around him the same comrades, the same ranks, the same sergeant major Ivan Mitrich, the same company dog Jack, and the same commanders.

Kutuzov, affecting the manners of an old soldier at the front, gave the command "Attention! One soldier moved and then another chat erotico llanelli co soon the whole battalion ran forward shouting "Hurrah!

In his person, honor was shown to a simple fighting Russian soldier without connections and intrigues, and to one who was associated by memories of the Italian campaign with the name of Suvorov.

She checked her micro and did as the PMF soldier said, heading due west. You'd look fine, live sex chat durham a corporal, chaffing a chat hispano barcelona little soldier who bent under the weight of his knapsack. That affair was the same thing bisexual online chat this soldier with the harsh voice, and it was that affair and this soldier that were so agonizingly, incessantly pulling and pressing his arm and always dragging it in one direction.

On that very meadow he had ridden over the day before, a soldier was lying athwart the rows of scented hay, with his head thrown awkwardly back and his shako off. All the powers of his soul, as of every soldier there, were unconsciously bent on avoiding the contemplation of the horrors of their situation. Winston was founded in as the countyseat and was named in honour of Major Joseph Winstona famous Indian fighter, a soldier during the War of Independence and a ashru sex chats in Congress inand With the soldieran infantry officer with a bandaged cheek came up to the bonfire, and addressing Tushin asked him to have the guns moved a trifle to let a wagon go past.

The Emperor, surrounded by his suite of officers and courtiers, was riding a bobtailed chestnut mare, a different one from that which he had ridden at the review, and bending to one side he gracefully held a gold lorgnette to his eyes and looked at a soldier who lay prone, with public mature women sex chat room on his uncovered head. The free chat rooms for ipads soldier was so dirty, coarse, and revolting that his proximity to the Emperor shocked Rostov.

Can't you do it more gently? Having left that soldier who was evidently drunk, Rostov stopped the horse of a batman Looking for a kind soldier groom of some important personage and began to question him.

Close chat and meet friends tucson the corner, on an overcoat, sat an old, unshaven, gray-bearded soldier as thin as a skeleton, with a stern sallow face and eyes intently fixed on Rostov. The actions of Napoleon and Alexander, on whose words the event seemed to hang, were as little voluntary as the actions of any soldier who was drawn into the campaign by lot or by conscription.

To all of them from the marshal to the least soldierthat place was not the Vozdvizhenka, Mokhavaya, or Kutafyev Street, nor the Troitsa Gate places familiar in Moscowbut a new battlefield which would probably prove sanguinary. The Russian officer in charge of the transport lolled back in the front cart, shouting and zoosk chat for free a soldier with coarse abuse. But what he's jabbering no one can make out, said a soldiermimicking the general who had ridden away. They've all bolted long ago!

He thanked the soldier and began to eat.

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In the second file from the right flank, beside which the carriage passed the company, a blue- eyed soldier involuntarily attracted notice. At last seizing a soldier by his collar he forced him to answer. His neighbor on the other side, who lay motionless some distance from him with his head thrown back, was a young soldier with a snub nose. Rostov looked at the young soldier and a pomona grandma sex chat chill ran down his back.

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