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Our Lady of Angels Catholic School educates preschool through eighth grade with an average of students under the authority of the Diocese of Cleveland. Our Lady of Angels School exists to provide an education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ where Catholic doctrine and values, as well as academic excellence prepare each student for a life of faith, service and integrity. We are called to be people of hope; at OLA we strive to instill a sense of hope in all students. In addition to the standard academic curriculum, religion is taught daily and all classes are infused with the values and beliefs rooted in the Catholic faith. Our Lady of Angels School welcomes students of all faith backgrounds. We take part in the Cleveland Scholarship Program and the Ed Choice Expansion Program and enroll children from Cleveland as well as its surrounding webcam free chat rooms.


People always question me on whether there is such a thing as Holistic Dental Care or is it just a marketing ploy.

My answer is yes — depending upon who is using the term. Holistic Dental care is not about the just materials that are used or not used, it is a philosophy of patient care.

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Not using mercury is a material choice, not an indication of practice philosophy. To me W Holistic Dental Care involves the study and integration of many disciplines of allopathic western medicine, alternative medical therapies, conventional and neuromuscular dental principles.

I have had the good fortune to be able to study energy medicine with a Live sex chat rooms, to work and learn with Homeopathslearn about Meditation, have personally experienced acupunctureneuromassage, Reikibreathwork, and yoga. I firmly believe having a better understanding of the many modalities of healing has given me a better and more complete understanding of my patients. While specific dental issues must be addressed, they should be done so in the context of the whole body condition.

The funny thing is, healing is not always about swallowing a pill or mechanically repairing something that is broken. Healing is the combination of mind, body, and spirit. There are so many things in our lives that impact the oral cavity.

Understanding the interplay of these factors, understanding the human condition, and understanding specific treatment limitations is vital. But most of all understanding that while we can dating apps free chat fix a specific problem, we can only help facilitate healing.

That is a process that involves a w holistic approach in diagnosis, combination of treatment modalities. I call it a Paradigm Expansion, allowing for a more complete and integrated approach to patient care.

We encourage you to today to learn about the treatments we offer and to arrange a free Meet and Greet with Dr Rose. Make An Appointment.

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